Carrot is a food richest in pro vitamin A, which makes it a true dietary medicine. Carrot contains a small but significant amount of protein 1.03%, fat is almost completely absent, 0.19% and carbohydrate made up 7.14% of their weight. They are good sources of B group vitamins, as well as vitamin and E. all minerals are present including hundred grams of carrots about one medium sized carrot provide enough beta carotene for the body to produce almost three times the vitamin A needed by an adult. Carrot is recommended in the following areas:-
Carrot is a group of the carotenoids, among the most notable of which is beta-carotene, which the body transforms into vitamin A. carotenoids are essential for the proper functioning of the retina, it is good in the treatment of vision disorder.
Eliminates intestinal parasites:- when carrot is taken over an empty stomach in the morning, it eliminates thread worms and pin worms due to the essential oil it contains.
Carrot purifies the blood; it is rich in alkaline element which purifies and revitalizes the blood, it eliminates metabolic acid residue.
Prevents cancer development: the vitamin A content has a resistance against cancer formation.
Carrots can be eaten raw in can as well be cooked; carrots combine well with potatoes and other vegetables. They still maintain their beta-carotene content if carefully cooked. The carrots juice makes a refreshing, delicious and nutritious beverage. It combines very well with apple juice or lemon juice.
Prevent tooth decay:-consumption of carrot after food kills all the harmful germs in the mouth and thus prevents tooth also enhances tooth growth in children. Carrots strengthen children’s teeth.
Stay healthy, live positive!!
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