Identified fitness mistakes and lose weight successfully

Finally - you started going to the fitness club, bought nice sports outfit, found lots of information about fat burning exercises, adjusted your timetable and decided to burn fat to have attractive fit body in summer. You have understood that the best way to burn fat and lose weight is to combine healthy eating and regular training, well done! But let's check if you make the most popular training mistakes!
I have prepared this article in order to make your life easier and save you from common fitness mistakes that people make when trying to burn fat fast.
Mistake 1 - Unreal Goals
This is one of the saddest mistakes you can make because unreal goals setting leads to disappointment and giving up. It is illogical to think that after a year of overeating and lying on the sofa you can become ripped in one month of training. This is a common mistake among the beginners who want to burn fat fast and build an athletic body within a short period of time. In order to avoid it, set clear, attainable goals, that consist of smaller "checkpoint goals". The extreme weight loss plans will never work in a long-term perspective.

Mistake 2 - Trying to Burn Belly Fat by Crunching and Doing Just Isolated Abdominal Exercises
Again, this is one of the most common mistakes among the beginners. So many people in the gym diligently perform various abdominal exercises. And others start repeating and doing them as well, hoping to make the waist thinner and the belly flatter. The problem is, many people still are sure that in order to get rid of love wings and a big belly you have to do the crunches. Please, remember that the best exercise to burn fat in that area is not done in the gym - it should be done in the kitchen. The exercise implies throwing away all the junk food, cookies, muffins, soda cans and other artificial food-like substances, and filling the shelves with natural food.
Keep in mind, you can't burn stomach fat by training abdominal muscles. The best way to do it is to perform complex exercises, high intensity cardio, drink more water and control what you eat.
Mistake 3 - Skipping Workouts or Training Too Seldom
"From-time-to-time" training won't make your body look better, and workout skipping can become a habit. If your aim is to burn fat, build muscle, look attractive and healthy - regularity is the key to success. Regular physical activity increases metabolism, regulates hormonal system work and helps you create good habits, because the habits are formed by repeating certain actions regularly. If you don't have much time for training during a day - it is fine! Devote 30 minutes to a workout instead of one hour, but do it more frequently, train more intensively!
Mistake 4 - Hitting the Treadmill for Hours in Order to Burn Fat
Is steady-state cardio good for fat burning? Yes, it is much better than nothing, because during a long cardio session (that lasts more than 40 minutes) you body starts using your fat and some muscle protein for energy. However, this is not the most effective way to trigger fat burning processes. Weight training and short and intense workouts are the best ways to burn fat in long-term perspective and preserve the muscle tissue which is essential for a proper metabolism work. You do burn some fat during a long-term low intensity cardio workout, but if you can achieve much more by interval training or intense weight workout, why to spend so much time on a treadmill?
I do support long-term cardio when it comes to cardiovascular health, overall endurance improvement and if a person simply enjoys it - why not! But when we speak about faster fat loss and metabolism boosting - long-term cardio is not the best option.
Mistake 5 - Forgetting About the Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Meals
I have to say it again - without a proper eating plan you will not achieve the desired results. That is why it is extremely important to think of what and when you eat, especially when it comes to training aimed at fat loss.
Forget about the pills that burn fat, I hope I don't need to explain why. Choose the foods that burn fat instead. What you have to think about is that your diet is balanced, you get enough protein, vitamins and minerals and water every day, both on the training days and the days of rest.
As far as we have preciously figured out that weight training and intense workouts are the best ways to burn fat, we have to think how to improve the results by eating smartly. Make sure you eat your main meal at least 3-4 hours before training (it should consist of protein and complex carbohydrates), it is not a good idea to train with your stomach full. Have a pre-workout snack one hour before your training, which could be fruit or yogurt. Don't forget to drink during your training, always have a bottle of water with you.
After the workout you have to restore glycogen in your muscles to make your body burn more fat after the intense training and to avoid your own muscle tissue breakdown. Have your post-workout meal within one hour after you finish - the faster - the better. It should be a small snack consisting of protein and fast carbs, such as fruit and low-fat greek yogurt or a milkshake with berries. Alternatively you can have a post-workout protein shake. Post- and pre-workout protein powders and amino-acids are among the few sports supplements I use to burn fat more efficiently.
In two hours after the training you can have a good meal consisting of high quality protein and complex carbohydrates. Avoid fatty foods before and after your training, but make sure that you eat healthy vegetable fats in moderate amounts every day.
Mistake 6 - Poor Technique
One of the most frequent causes of sports injuries is the wrong posture during the exercises performance. The first thing you need to master at the gym is the correct technique, especially when it comes to such exercises as barbell squats, deadlift, and bench press and, of course, other exercises both at the gym and outdoors. Make sure you learn how to perform them correctly, don't be shy and ask a gym trainer to show you the correct posture and help you choose the best weight, it's his (or her) work!
Don't strive for immediate results. Make small steps every day in order to reach your goal without major falls. Regularity but not the speed is the key to achieving a fit and attractive body.
Stay positive!

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