Avocado’s composition has several noteworthy features. Avocado contains 73% water which is very low compared to what is usual for fresh fruits; this indicates that the avocado is a concentrated fruit with high nutritional and calorie capacity.
Avocado contains about 25%fat which is among the richest fruits in fats. The fats in avocado are of high biological value and are primarily unsaturated. They contain no cholesterol as in the case with all plant based foods. Also avocado is among the most protein-rich of fresh fruits, which depending on variety can reach 2% of their weight. They contain all of the essential amino acids. Avocado is one of the richest in high-value nutritional fats, proteins, vitamin E and B6 as well as iron and vegetable fiber. The avocado has the highest iron content of any fresh fruit as well as the richest of any fresh fruit in fiber.
The avocado is one of the most valued of fruits for its nutritional value, as well as for its dietary and therapeutic properties. Avocado’s consumption is particularly recommended in the following cases.
Treatment of excess cholesterol-it is curious to know that eating avocado actually lowers the cholesterol level; this is possibly due to the balanced composition of its
fatty acids as well as its rich vegetable fiber content. Eating avocado regularly is highly recommended for those with excess cholesterol.
Treatment of heart disease-eating avocado regularly is highly recommended for people with various heart problems such as hypertension, in addition to reduction of fat level in the blood due to the fact that they contain very little sodium and abundant potassium.
Treatment of Anemia:-the iron in avocado is relatively well assimilated. Therefore eating them is encouraged for all those needing additional iron, such as adolescents, particularly girls and pregnant women. The iron in avocado is absorbed better than that of other plant-based food.
Eating avocado is particularly beneficial to the diabetics. They not only help maintain an appropriate blood glucose level, it also lowers cholesterol and improves the composition of fats in the blood.
Treatment of digestive disorders:-avocados are appropriate for the diet of those suffering from stomach ulcers or gastric because of their alkalinity.
Nervous disorders:-avocado contains fat that are very important to the metabolism of the nervous system such as linoleic acid and phosphor lipids. They are very rich in vitamin B6 one of the most important for proper neuron function.it is good for those suffering from nervousness, irritability or depression.
Treatment of skin infections:-the oil of avocado is good for treating skin diseases especially eczema.it also prevents pregnancy stretch marks when it is directly applied to the abnormal skin.
Enhances digestion:-avocado enhances the secretion of gastric juice which is necessary for food digestion; it also has soothing effect on the whole digestive processes.
For correction of bad breath:-it eliminates abnormal smell usually caused by bacterial activities inside the mouth.it should be well chewed.
because of avocado’s great nutritional value, their ease of digestion, and their vitamin E content, avocado should be regular part of the diets of children, adolescents during periods of rapid growth, athletes, exhausted or stressed adults, the elderly and of all those wishing to naturally and healthfully increase their vitality.
Preferably avocado is eaten raw.it can be spread on bread as an effective substitute for butter or margarine.it also combines very well with all types of salads and dishes.

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