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There is so much craze about having a healthy weight now and also a thousand and one ways to get it done. Definitely, if you are reading this, you must have tried some of them and it is either you stopped, because you didn’t get result or you just couldn’t pull through the conditions required.
You have thought about losing weight and fantasized about your new body. But you have been given options that are just not working. Options like eating weird meals, or doing exercises that reminded you of how much you hated your physical education (PE) teacher when you were still in school.

As you tried your best to enjoy those exercises memories of him with the big frown on his face and the long thick stick keeps haunting you.
But you do like a fit, toned body without having to swap your social life for the gym and having the energy to face every day with a smile without feeling the pangs of hunger. Well, can it be done? Of course you can have your dream body and here are the secrets.
When it comes to dieting and exercise you need to shift your focus from being thin to feeling great and the body you want is within your reach.

In this our new world, no crazy dieting, weird exercises or plastic surgery is required. Work outs experts say slim doesn’t mean healthy, but if you want to look your best then you have to be on the move. If you are new to exercise, then start small, you can stand and pace while on the phone, take the stairs and not the lift.
Though it might sound like a cliché now but it works. If you’re consistent, within few weeks you will lose some kilograms and feel more energetic. let’s, train faster not harder, it is better to make sessions shorter  but with high intensity at, whether you are cycling, skipping, dancing ,or running, go all out for one minute, then recover at a slower pace for a minute, then back to full exertion and so on. It’s the best way to boost cardiovascular fitness, speed and endurance.
Energy balance
You just have to balance your energy if you are losing weight. If you take in the same amount of calories as you use up, you will remain the same weight. So, eat right and eat healthy, make sure you eat the right amount of food to meet your nutritional needs.
Diet That Works
Diets rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables keep us feeling fuller for longer. Make sure your diet is rich in proteins because proteins increase satiety, but include low –fat sources like lean meat. The nutrition society showed that having eggs with a meal reduced calorie intake over the next few hours. If you still want to keep making bad choices about your eating habits, then eat when the television is on. Avoid watching your favorite programme or reading when eating. Sit down and consecrate on what you are eating, chew each mouthful and savor it. Reduce sugar you have got a sweet tooth then you need to pull it out fast. Avoid frizzle drinks and drink lots of water instead.
Skipping Meals
When you skip meals, your body holds onto stored fat for energy and by doing this, it slows down your metabolism.

We have heard times without number that if you could peek inside your body you’ll find fire retardant chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, plastic particles and dozens of other residues of modern life. But really, you don’t need a specific diet to get rid of toxins in your body, because your liver does it for you.
Low or No Carbohydrates
Without carbohydrates you will get tired physically and, if you take low carbohydrates or high proteins diet alone, it is very risky, because metabolizing high levels of protein can put too much pressure on your kidney especially for people with disease. Although not enough is known for people who don’t have kidney problems, but it may be a factor.
Veggie & Fruits
You are doing so much injustice to your system, because these diets often lead to low nutrients. They can be very dangerous to your health, because your body systems need balanced diet to function well.

Stay healthy, live positive!!

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